Our Story


The story begins with Him and Her. 


He is the marketer who loves food, weekends, and the euphoria of family moments. She is the designer who loves the Arts, desserts, and whimsical adventures. Their paths crossed, sparks flew and hearts connected. She gave him a silly bunny plushy as a token of everlasting promise. Hand in hand, they set out on a journey in search of memories to fill their little burrow, which they call Home.


Hello there! Welcome to The Rabbit Burrow, an online destination for design-driven dinnerwares that bring imagination to life and right into your home.


Founded by Him and Her, The Rabbit Burrow got its name through an affection for adorable rabbits (of course!) and the dream of creating a cosy, lively home  – just like a rabbit’s burrow.


Here, we believe that every bit in a home is part of precious memories shared. That’s why we lovingly seek out collections from all over the world which are not just well-designed and well-made, but also affordable, so everyone can enjoy a beautiful home that is uniquely theirs.


We hope you will love our handpicked homeware as much as we do. Now hop along and explore these classic pieces that are a little playful, too! 

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