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Mr Rabbit 

The origin story

Mr. Rabbit is the fascinating alter ego of Karl Fletcher, a talented fine art photographer. Originally created to showcase anxiety.

Mr. Rabbit has taken on a life of their own, due to the unique perspective presented in the art. The primary objective of this work is to bring attention to personal issues that are important to the artist, who is neurodivergent and struggled most of their life to find where they fit. In a random moment of madness during September 2019, they enrolled in a foundation arts degree with an idea and a destination, and after trying many different mediums, they discovered photography and Mr. Rabbit started to develop. Then, in 2020, lockdown happened, and with day after day clear of all life's needs, discovery took place, and Mr. Rabbit was born.

Karl Fletcher has since gone on to get a BA(Hons) in photography and plans to gain their Masters in 2025, they are also working with SEN Individuals giving them a way to communicate how they see the world through Photography.

Plus the continued work and exhibitions highlightings mental health ,disability and sexuality

Breaking down barriers

Whats Next

Thank you for your interest in Mr Rabbit's artwork. We are excited to announce that we have several exhibitions planned for 2024, and we currently have some of our work available for purchase in galleries and other locations.

Please note that we only sell one-of-a-kind pieces, so you can be sure that your purchase will be a unique addition to your collection.

If you would like to purchase one of our pieces or have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us via the link.

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